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If you’re seeking ideas for an argumentative research paper you might want to look into different issues that relate to the US. These topics make great arguments, such as Hoarders or Nuclear power. If you’re having difficulty coming up with an idea, you can find a list here of topics. These topics are suitable for all students and you can choose the one that interests you. The list could be long depending on the nature and the purpose of your research paper.

Argumentative research paper topic ideas

Students often have a lot of trouble when they write argumentative research papers. While the teacher will often provide the research topic paper to students, many students are unable to come up with an idea. This can lead to boredom and writer’s block, which can decrease their enthusiasm and motivation for the assignment. If this is the case, here are some ideas to think about. Professional writers on the internet are also willing to help.

It is essential to choose something that is distinctive and original when looking for one. This is your chance to differentiate yourself from other businesses. Avoid boring topics or those that are too commonplace as they won’t effectively convey your message to your target audience. Make sure to select controversial topics that provide enough details to allow your audience to fully comprehend them. Be sure to avoid controversial topics that are too narrow and do not provide enough information for readers to understand what you’re trying say.

Political issues

If you have the time to write an excellent research paper, consider writing about political issues. Although they can be challenging to study, they can be rewarding. If you’re unsure of where to begin, seek inspiration by exploring local issues in psychology and politics. To come up with a compelling research paper title, outline your paper. While political issues are the most sought-after topic to write about, you are able to investigate other topics. It is crucial to select an area that is interesting and fulfills the requirements of your assignment.

When it comes to political science research paper topics, the introduction part should describe the topic and its background and the motive behind the question. It should also state the research question and thesis statement, as well as other important elements. After these are completed, the next part is the literature review, which explores the gap between the topic and the research literature. It is also important to explore the relationship between the study’s topic and the historical incidents that sparked its creation.


Many psychologists believe that hoarders should be treated collaboratively. Future research in this field will likely be focused on this condition. It is true, but it is important that you recognize the importance of the location in which treatment is given. In certain situations, a mental health clinic may be the best setting for some, while others might prefer a home.

The psychological causes behind hoarding aren’t fully understood, but some evidence suggests it is a hereditary condition. Research has proven that an increase in anthropomorphism may be linked to a higher sentimental and instrumental value. Hoarders are emotionally attached to objects and are more likely keep them in case of. Sometimes hoarding can run in families. Psychologists Ross Frost and Rachel C. Gross discovered that 85 percent of pathological hoarders had at least one first-degree family member who was a “packrat”.

Nuclear power

You have chosen to write an essay about the US and nuclear power. But how do you go about writing an engaging piece? The first step is to determine the problem you’re trying to solve. Clearly, you need to give background information on the issue. The hook is your first sentence. It should be informative and address all relevant points. Next, you will need to draw upon your informational background to support your thesis statement.

The US and world are undergoing an intense debate about the future of nuclear power. Although the US was the first country to utilize nuclear power, many are questioning the future of this energy source. More than 200 reactors were planned as of 2008 Over 400 reactors will be operational in 31 countries by 2030. Although the number of reactors continue to increase, it will ultimately depend on the public’s perception of dangers to health that come with radioactive waste.


You’ve come to the right spot to find NAFTA professional topics for papers. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is one of the largest free trade zones in the world and has many important implications. There are so many important issues that surround this trade agreement, it would be impossible to go over them all in one document. Instead, you should choose one topic and study that topic thoroughly. If you’re interested in politics and lobbying, you might be interested in the way that the U. S.makes its decisions. If you’re interested in diplomacy, you might examine the implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement on international relations.

NAFTA is not just about trade and economics, but also environmental issues. Environmental concerns tie in with labor conditions, and this ties the three countries. Many of the parallel agreements between the three countries are based on their shared concern for the environment. NAFTA members are part of numerous environmental and labor agreements. The North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation also enforces environmental laws in all three countries.

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